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Dear API | Real-time 3D Audio VR | Demo App

Listen to our immersive "Dear API" iOS Demo App! (!!! Headphones recommended !!!) App Store Link: ...

Real Estate App - Using Zillow's API

Android Weather app

Shows the weather in any city and forecast of 5 days Structure this app This app uses Google Location API that allows to define current location(city).

Intrinio Real-Time Stock Prices API

Intrinio Real-Time IEX Stock Price API Demo Sign up for the Real-Time Stock Prices API here: https://intrinio.com/data/realtime-stock-prices See all of Intrinio's ...

Demo OpenWeatherMap API

Lucy Guo - Scale API

Scale combines AI and human intelligence to solve simple human tasks. How `now` and Scale can help you automate everything. No setup, just answers.

How I: Use Google Prediction API to improve customer service

Founder Mani Doraisamy explains how his startup Guesswork uses Google's machine learning tools to improve customer service. http://www.guesswork.co See ...

Video explaining the use of our openweathermap web service library

Data collection from API 1 openweathermap.org

Doge Camera (Google Cloud Vision API) (Android Application)

I made Doge Camera which is funny Android Application. It was created use Unity3D and Google Cloud Vision API. Doge say comments about Smart phone ...

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